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Read the latest announcements about SAFIRE and our programs and activities.

Adult Day Care Facility:  A day program which focuses on a healthy lifestyle. These programs will also provide continuing growth in the areas of education, job skills, and social appropriateness. Each day your client will complete an individual workout program, play cooperative group games, and learn the importance of living a healthy lifestyle

  • Hours: 8am - 4pm
  • Ratio of staff to client:  1:8
  • Cost:  Sliding scale based on needs

Client must be able to function in small group settings both with daily grooming tasks and behaviorally.

Prevocational Program:  A place for young adults to continue focusing on prevocational skills;  following directions staying on task for a period of time and developing the necessary social skills for employment.  We also focus on resume building, completing applications and job searching.

Summer Camps:  Weekly camps - Get Up and Go! NO more sitting around all summer wondering what is available for my individual with intellectual disabilities.  Each day we will offer large group recreational games, individual workout programs, and a social experience like no other.  Must be able to function in a 1:10 ration of staff to clients, and participate in small group games appropriately.

  • Ages:  12-22
  • Hours: 8am - 2pm
  • Ratio of staff to campers: 1:8
  • Cost:  $150.00 per week
  • A discounted rate offered for multiple weeks. 
  • Extended hours of supervision are available for additional cost

After School Care Program:  An after school care program, designed to make the after school ours as active as possible.  We offer supervision for the after school hours where each individual can participate in group games, use the time to work out with an individualized workout program, or just work on their social skills while being a part of the over all experience.

  • Hours: 3pm - 6:30pm
  • Ratio of staff to campers: 1:8
  • Cost:  $75.00 per week

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