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SAFIRE was developed to serve the need for an active and educational program for young adults with intellectual disabilities.  An active daily physical program and continuing education is our goal to make sure each client is as functional and independent as possible to be successful adults in their community.

I, Teresa Sullivan, the founder of SAFIRE, have been working with these special individuals for over 15 years and I still learn something new from them every day. We as average individuals do everyday tasks on a daily basis without even thinking about how to do it, when is the right time to do it, and is it the correct way to do it. Individuals with disabilities donít always have that ability.  Each individual is unique in the way they conquer a task.  Is it always the correct way? Not always, but it is their way. SAFIRE will provide opportunities to individuals who cannot always hold on to the job they love or they might just need a place to get the assistance of finding the job of their dreams.  We want to do this with a unique twist: fitness, independence, and recreation. We want to give them an environment they can turn to, to help them continue learning life skills, social skills, and fitness skills while having fun playing sports or games. Every individual with an intellectual disability can grow beyond expectations.




MISSION: To provide an environment for individuals with intellectual disabilities a place to grow physically, socially, and independently beyond expectations

VISION:  To develop a community within a community for individuals with intellectual disabilities.  SAFIRE is an environment for individuals to live independently or live with minimal supervision. A work environment to allow individuals to have a meaningful day, and provide a recreational area for both social and physical development.

SAFIRE Staff & Board Members

Staff Members

  • Teresa Sullivan, Executive Director
  • Justin Hofstetter, Sports Director
  • Jennifer Tarr, Community Outreach Program Director
  • Mischelle Raines, Fitness Director

Board Members:

  • Terry Hansen, Board President
  • Darren Scrimpshire, Board Vice President, Finance Advisor
  • Jennifer Tarr, Board Vice President for Marketing & Community Outreach
  • Tom Sullivan, Board Member, Secretary


  • 2011 Special Olympic World Games - Gold Medal in Adult Softball

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